9:53 AM | Author: Red Giant Studios
Executive Producers 总策划/执行制作
Li Yuan Jun 李元君
Mier Tang 唐蜜儿

Producer 监制
Cindy Rangel

Art Director 艺术总监
Marc Scott

Supervising Animator 动画总监
Barry Wilson

2D Animation Supervisor 二维动画总监
Hanna-Abi Hanna

Animators 动画师
Carlos Joy, Hye Won Chang

Lead Concept Artist 首席概念艺术师
Lisa DiPaula

Concept Design Interns
Edward Ko, Carmen Chow, Kit Shum, Chi-Hsuan Ma, Tanith Connelly, Rosanna Sullivan

Lead Modeler 首席模型师
Eric Neill

Modeling Intern
Jonathan Landolt

Rigger/Technical Director 骨架设计/技术指导
Mauricio Santos-Hoyos

Effects Technical Director
Victor Wagner

Texture/Lighting Intern
Monica Cappiello

Tun-En Chen

Compositing Intern
Chung Pu Hsiao

Editor 剪辑师
Watthana Wangwutphinyo

Sound Designer/Editor 声效设计/剪辑
Yin Lui 雷茵茵

Sound Mixers
Joshua Brown, Erik Reimers

Original Score
Thunderv Entertainment
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